Becoming A Member

Freemasonry is a private organisation, but those interested in our work, or who wish to be considered for membership, can receive help and advice on how to do so.

You can read about the wider aspects of Freemasonry by accessing the Grand Lodge website at or for a more specific view of the Masonic Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight go to

Membership is open to men of all faiths who are law-abiding, of good character and who acknowledge a belief in God.

Freemasonry is a multi-cultural organisation which continues to attract men of goodwill from all sectors of the community into membership.

There are similar Masonic organisations for ladies. Please visit for more details.

There is no material gain to being a Freemason other than the opportunity to serve the Lodge and assist in its charitable activities.

You can, however, expect to meet and make friends and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals in an atmosphere of good fellowship.  For an inside view of our many activities please go to our Provincial magazine Insight where you can view our latest edition or you can follow us on our Facebook page at Gateway Lodge No. 8474 or on our Provincial Twitter page at

For those interested in becoming a Freemason, you can either speak to a member who you may know is a Freemason or contact our Lodge Membership Officer by completing the form below.

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