Gateway Lodge History

The Gateway Lodge No. 8474 in the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight was created as a ‘Daughter Lodge’ of The Lodge of Peace and Harmony No. 359.

The initial idea of forming a Lodge was started in the late 1960’s when a number of members of The Lodge of Peace and Harmony and two other local Lodges used to travel many miles on a regular basis to Lodges in Bristol and Bath.

During the many hours spent in the car the topic of discussion often wandered to the many years it took to reach the office of Worshipful Master of The Lodge of Peace and Harmony.  The Lodge had at that time a membership of 160 members and took about 20 - 22 years to attain the Chair. With this in mind the Brethren decided to research the opportunity of forming a new Lodge.

Eventually after much work and discussion a petition was duly signed and submitted to The Lodge of Peace and Harmony No. 359 our sponsoring Lodge on the 20th December 1971. Initially the Lodge name was going to be "Primus Portus", however, this was rejected by the Grand Lodge so the current name of "Gateway Lodge" was submitted and accepted and the Consecration ceremony occurred on 2nd May 1973.

The above picture shows the original Founder Members of Gateway Lodge No. 8474

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